Which One is best: Facebook Ads Click OR Impressions Bidding

When we run any campaign on Facebook or Adwords, we want to get more traffic, conversions and revenue for my business in spending low budget. But how is it possible?

Until, we would not optimize our campaign in with right optimization strategies, it is not possible.

In this article, you’ll discover how choosing bids for ads affects your Facebook ad campaigns.

Optimize Facebook Ads Click & Impressions Bidding

1: Create Your Campaign:

When you are creating Facebook Campaign, Facebook gives you some options, how get you charged by links (cost per click, or CPC) or impressions (cost per mille, or CPM) means when you run your campaign by traffic or conversion objective.

Choose right thing according to your business requirement, either Traffic or Conversion objective.

facebook Traffic or Conversion objective

Completing your campaign setup, open Budget & Schedule option:

When we open this option there are two main slightly different option we look, optimization for Ad delivery and how you are charged. These has minor different in them. If you choose to optimize ad delivery for Impressions, Daily Unique Reach, Landing Page Views, or Conversions, you can only be charged by impression.

Facebook charges you for your ads, optimize your ad delivery for Link Clicks.

optimize your ad delivery for Link Clicks

2: Open Your Charge Type Options:

To notify the options for when you get charged, click Show Advanced Options in the Budget & Schedule section of your campaign.

Facebook Ads Advanced Options

There are two options, When you get charged.
a) Impressions
b) Link click(CPC)

3: Choose Between Link Clicks and Impressions:

When you choose to bill one click per link, the CPC will charge you. This means that you will only be charged when someone clicks on a link in your ad. When you choose to receive impression, CPM will charge you. This means that you will be billed each time an impression of your ad is served, with the price calculated for 1,000 impressions.

Choose, What is right for your business.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Link Click:
If we see pros of Link Click, You only get charged when someone clicks your ad, if your ad doesn’t get many clicks, you’ll initially be getting thousands of impressions for free. This charge type helps you to against paying lots of money if your ad isn’t performing well.

Cons of Link Click is that, If your campaign performing well and you get high CTR, you have to pay every click. Your CPM will be high and you will be pay high cost for performing well.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Impressions:

When you get charged by impressions, you completely waste your money if ads are not performing well. But the opposite, if your ads perform well and get a high click-through rate, you still pay only on a CPM basis.

Which One should be good?

If you have low budget and shortage of time to monitor campaign then Link Click is good. It’s safe bet and you only pay for what you get.

If you have lots of budget, and have confident to run your campaign with good optimization strategies then you should follow charged by impressions.

How Facebook Serves Your Ads:

Once your ads are launched, they blindly bid against your competitors' ads. During this initial period, the performance of your campaign is critical. If your ad performance is poor (which means you generate less revenue for Facebook than your competitors), your ads will not have good visibility. What does this mean for each type of rate?

If you're charged by clicking on a link, Facebook earns money only when someone clicks on a link in your ad. If your ad does not generate many clicks, it does not pay. Ideal for you, but bad for Facebook. You pay nothing, so Facebook will soon stop showing your ads.

If impressions charge you, Facebook earns money; someone clicks on a link in your ad. If your ad does not generate many clicks, it still pays off. Bad for you, but good for Facebook. Even though Facebook wants to publish relevant high-performance ads, if you're generating revenue from your ad, it's still receiving impressions.

The way you choose to charge your Facebook ad campaign affects how your ads show, if your ads will continue to run despite poor performance and you pay a higher price for better performance.

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